Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mea Culpa

When I was clearly getting my clock cleaned in our iPhone scrabble game, I thought about what I might do to make it more of a contest. In my mind's eye I considered (rationalized) that both my opponent and I would benefit from a more competitive game (maybe he was ahead of me in this regard?).

Not being in clear site of my opponent, whose intellect I hereby acknowledge is engaging, I went to my old friend, Google for help.

Google and I have been an item for some time. I know that whatever I want, Google will try to accommodate. This extended, in my view, to not being humiliated by this friend at a game he talked me into loading on my phone.

I found over the years that being honest and direct with Google was best for my relationship with Google (like relating to sentient beings - no disrespect intended). So I just inputted 'scrabble cheat' to Google's inviting gaze. After a very short period, Google wagged its tail and brought me some of its relevant buried treasure and dropped it at my feet.

I am sure your imagination, dear reader, can fill in much of the detail. Now I feel guilty. Not only did I unfairly annihilate my good friend in a game for which we were, ostensibly, to have a good time playing (I sure enjoyed it). I involved my loyal pet, Google, in a covert operation to prevail (by a whopping 36% margin). The fairness part of my mind is now suffering from a variety of ills. Did my friend sense in me my inclination to cheat and use this noble method of bringing it to my attention, and I, foolishly, felt shame as a result?

I write this because I noticed that redemption is popular in our culture and thought if I just "let it all hang out" there is a possibility that I will be forgiven for my transgression(s). I am not even asking for adulation and fame. No, I would settle for, say, everlasting life and golf twice a week.

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