Sunday, February 21, 2010


So confused by what she had heard that she mistook a missive about a person having deep character for another person using coercive tactics to produce that illusion? It was possible that his assumptions were ahead of her awareness. Now that she was discovering the expressiveness in the language he presumed that she had a sense of veracity that, apparently, she did not.

One reasonable explanation: that his utter lack of musicality and strong bias toward text based communication had been confused with her newfound lyrical ability. Ok, he thought, let it go for now. Pursuing 'Why' without a clearer sense of direction was rarely productive.

A culture turned on its head by, among other things, having one newly emergent constituency using anonymous funding to leverage superstition and fear to advance a cause. This seemed to be the political reality of the time. Man made noise of the third kind was coming close to disabling the basis of social harmony, friendly communications.

When the cloud came into being, data would magically enter at one point and would emerge from the cloud in all manner of chosen ways depending on the application of the messaging. Persistence in the cloud allowed time shifting and processing inside the cloud. Side effects included a number of other things. Among them, unwanted persistence. And for the cloud itself: Nefarious applications.

When the fruits of the latest decoding turned into action tasks they no longer had the luxury of relative anonymity. The flood of affected parties with an interest in the dysfunctional status-quo came forward and started to use their power to resist change. Persistence, not necessarily a good thing.

False accusation. And the false accusation that speculation and it are equivalent. The negative recursion was apparent to those who were trained to see it. She, apparently, was not quite there yet. Her associate might be though. Tragically, it was likely out of a self defense no child should be asked to employ.

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