Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hiding behind a white and grey veil as the new emerges ready to reflect the light, chromatically heuristic. It is the way here, value measured in an ancient way. Even before we spoke.

Haunting melody in pursuit of identity. Something new but somehow familiar a result of the latest discovery. A handle forming, but not quite there. She had a different name for it. He knew what she meant. And they had just navigated the influence of a strong oblique wind and learned from it to expect others. It is the nature of sailing and ...

On the way to the launch facility she acknowledged his arrival. He later thought about what the next step would be in light of this unexpected bridge in understanding the latest decode. He could not readily discern the intent of such a hint and assumed that the expectation was anticipated. As they methodically went through the steps, it was apparent that each movement outward was unique to a certain limited but predictable degree.

This pattern seemed to scale readily over the expanding search realm. What was its voice? What instance would serve to make it transmissible? A tune for many yet?

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