Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dancing in the Flames

Without further ado, today's soliloquy. Frankly, nothing he can remember had taught him the robust use of the language faster in six some decades on the planet. But today he was attentive to two females, young and pretty to match but, most importantly, highly intelligent and pure of heart.

Through their collaboration, deep dark corners of what ails a discipline and its host country was lit up with a campfire light. The stories around that light had a reality that far transcended mere recital of selected and convenient facts. Too young to have accumulated enough experience to read the adjacent contexts. And offset by a heretofore unavailable resource, near instant access to a vast body of knowledge. The premise of its organization was recently assuming the triune brain architecture. No matter, the early success of these two cannot be denied, though some would and in fact did try (out of jealousy?). The corner has just been turned and on their capable shoulders a great opportunity is carried.

And yet another female. Led astray by a self-indulgent ego that had become a huge burden to those in her wake was about to learn a valuable lesson in integrity. A final opportunity to make amends before her magical world gone wrong began to collapse? Perhaps with a carefully considered mea-culpa? A least 48 hours to mull it over. He would not waste any of the time remaining.

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