Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm sorry ...

An interesting variation on a popular theme. This person seemed particularly adept at purposeful brevity. One of a group of the quiet while speaking. With high ambient noise and/or lack of acoustical sensitivity the potential for covert control was high. Obscured agendas were common enough. Study of this special case would likely yield a new vector in the competition suggested from the latest decode.

The sample size was small but seemed adequate to answer the critical question of the moment, what beyond the output style might the group have in common? Perhaps it would be useful again to contrast with an opposing group.

Loud, pernicious behavior. Usually anonymously controlled by a party with a vested interest in deception. The two contrasted groups in this case would not engage in the normal course of their activities? Yes, the questions were coming fast now. A good sign. Passing along this insight data was the next step. Rapid distribution avoided coloring the subtle value of first impressions.

He enabled the appropriate detectors and turned to her, "Nice work. I now know why you don't acknowledge."

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