Sunday, February 28, 2010

Surely Different

"It sounded a bit like ducks quacking and the complex resonance of a rich musical instrument combined. In retrospect, a celebration of analog perception as a function of time. Its artifactual content barely distinguishable from an ancient pre-human signature. Did that mean something special? If felt that way. Should one trust that feeling?"

Reading it created a flood of gratifying illumination. Sound as light. His fingers stood poised to record the mind dump. And then, as if on cue, it began.

Announcing the Cosmic Treasure alpha. For regular readers this post may not come as much of a surprise. Since the first decode flag of subliminal perception's roll in enlightenment, a motivational pattern traceable to childhood held promise in the mission.

Evidence of the treasure and its great value was anything but precise. It left little doubt, though that much good would come from the revelation of its location and significance.

Pinging remote locations made sense. There was little risk in doing so. It was not clear yet just how many layers existed between them and here so making maximum but timely use of each layer seemed wise. What would the pinged message contain? Highest entropy.

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