Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Sound moral compass, mediocre self-calibration otherwise. Good heart, deference when inappropriately self-deprecating a risk. But an important player in the project. Complicated because he was one step removed from operations but still mission critical.

Over application of formulas not at all uncommon in an accelerating theater of operations. As good a reason as any for the trail leading back from 'why'.

Less than an hour to prepare, he reviewed the game plan iconically. Two players engaged just a short while ago. One in tune, the other not so much. Upcoming diplomacy an opportunity to turn the retreat energy into fuel for the next launch. This stage remarkable for its potential for engaging another intelligent agent on the subject of propagation.

Remembering now what at the time seemed like a rabbit trail (it is a dream after all, Alice). "Like confusing the immune system. Not easy, once done, hard to undo. Training has many honed filters that take time to design , build then operate. Generic they are, anticipating future patterns applicable to safety.

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