Monday, February 22, 2010

Real data, new look.

"I suggest you consult your superior regarding the risk your coercive tack presents to the organization.", it read.

Considering what had transpired and the evidence supporting it, this message did not come as a surprise. Putting out these kind of fires was relatively routine for the seasoned head of a corporation. With other types of organizations, alternative accountability maps applied. Prioritizing was essential to the process in nearly every case, though.

When any industry starts to dominate an economy, it naturally becomes a target of scrutiny. Price fixing and the like are highly damaging to the consumers of an industries' products or services. Privileged status combined with conflict-of-interests present a special challenge.

As the limit of resources was approached there was far less room for deferring the sunsetting of unsustainable consumptive practices. The promotion of such practices in this industry has become pandemic. Layers of unsupervised 'good intentions' coupled with exploitation of the deficiencies. A prescription for intractable.

Research revealed that in several important categories, consumers rated this facility very low. Yet their 'marcomm' would have you believe they are one of the best. Not the case, according to a very credible consumer organization. The old adage perception is reality works for only a short time. Then perception catches up. Profiteers, by design, move on before that happens. Invested dollars in go into the pockets of special self-selected people often to the detriment of end-users.

On the first run of the data, the suggested solution model included mandatory disclosure of potential conflict-of-interest. Since each customer/stakeholder had an equal share in the elective control of the organization and no person could make money from doing work for it without being a customer/stakeholder … You get the idea. Testing against successful recurring organic lifecycles of various wavelengths was a large part of the vetting simulation.

"Rather than compensating for end effects, lets predict as if there are none here.", he muttered with a knowing smile.

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