Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daylight Epiphany

This tipping point like most was discovered after its effects became visible to a critical mass. A simple principle expressible in a few short words described with great accuracy a turning point in a decades long history. Before many attempts at a singular goal failed or were so costly as to threaten the vehicle and its momentum. After … its as if the journey's plan was to reach a pinnacle and nothing more, for it would consume every resource save for the accumulated wisdom of the mission related aspiration.

The potential energy was huge for the top was far from the gravitational center. But navigation here had to be very careful for the train headed down hill better start in the right direction. One thing was for sure: Being closer to the source with the best view of all the relevant context made seeing robustly possible with very little energy expenditure.

Decoding, by design, took advantage of the coding experience to such a degree that it required very little beyond knowing how to apply its tools. The bootstrapping was clever beyond description. Not getting wrapped up in whether or not its implementation was volitional was key to moving away from the draining debate over irrelevant philosophy. That it would engender such passionate debate was more important than the debate, much more.

The self-decoding pattern, ubiquitous and, for purposes of the mission, still without a handle … Should he press now or wait again? She might know. Code the question, then ask.

"How long do we have", he asked himself silently.

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