Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blink of An Eye

"That crowd could not understand. Speculation as to whether 'they' would is therefore moot. Observer is the loneliest number you will ever do. Best not do it exclusively. Was uncommonly beautiful there though, her green and brown smile - sublime. I promise to return with my new 'toys' and a great big hug and kiss for taking care of me in a dark time."

Or cover.
"Someone had to author it. Was it a collaboration or the work of a lone individual?  The eventual signatories shed some light on its origins. The work of a professional, a student or re-worked from an existing document (big co.)"

One idea worth considering, an escape hatch that protects legitimate interests. It could demonstrate good faith far more than has been achieved so far. It requires an implicit candor of sufficient depth not likely to occur with unchecked eaves-dropping.

Know the Road
How then does one broach the subject? Seems to already have happened, actually. Time and again the sponsored methodology has proven revelatory. And the pace of discovery is accelerating.

"Should we revise the private feed protocol then?"

"Not yet."

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