Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Backyard

"A school of thought that says, in effect, self-interest drives all individual activity and well-informed altruism is the best way to achieve said interest. Seems to be a useful paradigm to me."

"Yes, and on its surface, a seeming paradox. Using our rough ego/executive model, one aspect is a show-stopper for harvesting a rapport with the rest of mind.", remarking as if their dialog was scripted, he folded his hands.

John Galt?
The root of the common word, cynic illuminates this obstacle particularly well. One wonders, why?

And in that process starts to reveal the implicit assumptions that have the power to block or accelerate opportunity. Much unsaid because it is a constraint of our communications choices.

"Angry intellects. Who decides when? Is it ever useful? If so, why?", he continued.

Away from the artificial "civilized' world, her nurturance was like the best that a mother could provide.  Why so far from the world we have created does this happen? The macho guys take pride in roughing it.  The ladies bemoan the loss of modern conveniences. Just two popular views in this corner of the planet. Much assumed because of convention bias, and the very nature of sharing architecture.

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