Friday, December 17, 2010

Trend Yet To Grok

"As the pages turn, a trend is emerging. What, exactly, is the trend? I must confess, I am not sure yet. This disclosure is likely to elicit clarifying feedback. And the process I have just described is at least a part of that trend."

Friendly Organic

First amendment hypocrisy is a vague feeling that we are not as certain free press as we once thought. Manipulators have rushed in to co-opt the early uncertainty of open reflection.  Each time they do, more is revealed about their methods. Successful competition incorporates in-depth knowledge of one's opponent and mitigation of the counter-productive skewing results.

It is big, really big.
"The sliver lining of the emergent ambiguity? Deeper application of value surrounding transparency? Who is afraid of the people? Not me. But I wonder sometimes, are any jobs left for folks who want to be honest while making money?"

"Thinking out loud again, I suspect. But I have to agree. We live in a time of great transition. The old universal valuing system is showing its age.  A new one may be on the horizon, but it is too far away to discuss in precise detail.", he trailed off into a thoughtful silence.

A value system based on much finer granularity than nation-state currencies ...

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