Sunday, December 5, 2010

Us and Them

Plutocrats would have us believe that 'other' humans are stupid. If we make the mistake of believing said manipulators, we are then not as likely to have actual conversations with 'them' for certainly 'we' are not stupid. One prescription for 'central control'. Clever but flawed.

Its not so much that the message is repeated verbatim. No matter how carefully crafted the message, distributing the cookie cutter version is … about as valuable as an oreo. For a bite or two, delicious ... but ultimately just empty calories.  If, on the other hand, the goal is organic engagement with a friendly theme, much larger value is added at each link of the interactive transaction chain. And the resulting conversation? Use your imagination.

Notice that since the recent flurry of disclosures are about to turn to the private sector that ostensibly public resources are now being used to discredit the medium for those disclosures. Further, the tactics are more like we expect in a take-no-prisoners fight-to-the-death war. Complete with character assassination, trumped up charges, rampant corruption etc. Mere governments are no longer the issue. Really deep pockets are.  A potent witches brew for some of the ugliest human behavior history has known.

And there in lies the rub, dear reader. If all you have is a hammer (can you say, $$$), everything looks like a nail.  You can embellish the concept by 'speaking' of a useful tool for constructive purposes (like a new porch) but in the hands of someone who never had to grow up ...

What's My Line?

© 2010 Buzz Hill


  1. Buzz.. I disagree. Your central premise is that the plutocrats lead via central control. My take is somewhat different: the plutocrats have been very successful at pushing the infrastructure of government in a direction of their choosing. We follow. By staying one level away from governance, they get what they want without having to take responsibility. Jon

  2. In hindsight and thanks to your insight, Jon, 'central control' may have been a poor choice of words in this context. I was referring not to government control (though it can be a part of it). I was instead referring to public perception control, through the media and organizing.