Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sleight of Hand

"The link seems unusually busy. There were several failed re-boot attempts. Moderation finally came some days later.  What can we conclude, if anything?"

"Even before we discovered today's anomalies, we were pretty sure they were inside."

One could argue that it is useful to regard all deception as entertainment so as to see it in a rational light. A person outside the fishbowl can observe the effect of legerdemain and not be otherwise subject to it. Misdirection relies on expectation.  And expectation plays a very large role in conscious awareness.

Harmony of the special kind. Does it reflect a desirable adjunct to prediction in ordering group actions? Cultivated collective perception reduces the vulnerability of individual expectation. Abstraction engine constraint mitigation - society's function.

many across

"Ok, Ok. Now I get it. Our attention and even the machine's attention has been diverted. It may have been just a ruse (though spectacular) to allow a secret landing. Is it coincidence that the breach followed our efforts to indirectly appear vulnerable?"

"And they may have been here longer than we have yet realized ..."

"No doubt. In March it will have been two years."

"Paranoia strikes deep." - Stephen Stills.

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