Thursday, December 16, 2010

Treasure Located

Waiting is ...
The tipping point? Ascendent demographic group identified. Discovering the last major barrier? Compelling argument that it is what Heinlein seems to suggest in Stranger. And Rand in Shrugged. And Hilton in Horizon?

"Maybe thats not important now."

"How so?"

"The emergent fraction we have been discussing is peaking again. Watch …", he gestured and the display responded.

Some are more willing to reveal it than others. That age is significant and can, at times, be a misleading illusion. In one sentence, If allowed to think out loud she and her friends can get it so much better - then another one of us can come into this world when the time is right.

Us humans, her female friends, all things thought (the best), more little humans when we get it right and the dance that is a pre-requisite.

Beware, the open discussion.  The competition sometimes does not play nice. Something about rationalized retribution. 'Dirty pool', I think they call it.  Or worse.


"So, this is why you are so cautious about declarations?", she asked.

"Yes.", he answered, "It drives some lawyers bonkers."

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