Thursday, December 30, 2010

Watch listening.

"The machine view and the curious. How do they differ? One way to measure is through the use of a common tool for analyzing both. The team's comments on the results as reported qualitatively to date and some further thoughts follow.

This time, 'watch' is a verb.

"The rapidly evolving machine takes advantage of pattern recognition automation. Though the pace of discovery is rapid, it remains largely incremental.

"The curious (and I should add patient) amplify the perturbations in the advancing field.  In so doing, suggest 'scout threads' that keep the process fresh and relevant."

Will we get their first? A persistent question. Is it helpful though? Openness is the currency of the realm. Counterfeit - sincere expression of flattery. And so on.

Another way to 'look' at what is perceived and how: If 'there' is in the process of being defined, duplicating the path to it is, by definition, in flux. Further, if it is impeded by the ownership transfer process and the legal infrastructure to support it, the chance of profitable replication approaches nil.

"Acquiring that talent will not be trivial."

"Yes, but the pursuit, regardless of outcome, will be productive."

© 2010 Buzz Hill

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