Thursday, December 23, 2010

Special Ingredient

"Very humbling to be devastatingly blindsided and not realize it until nearly two years later. So with hat in hand, proceed to a hopefully candid discussion that will clear the air. Projecting an outcome with bias and too little data would be to repeat my culpability. Reasonable to expect the exercise to be well worth my while, though.

"There could be a whopper of a story to explain why it happened. Owning my version of the abstraction engine vulnerability would be another personal milestone -- lending credence to this soup rapport thing."

Why might someone from Latvia come visit? I barely recognized the country's name. For that matter, another from the south of France. The geography lessons continue and they are truly fun. It is probably reasonable to assume they both know English.

And so we are presented with two independent paths to the core subject. Anecdotal evidence of the universality of same. Exploring the paths in hopes of discovering what else those paths may have in common.

You see, dear reader, these are not the arbitrary words of one. No, they are an amalgam of thoughtful wonderful change agent's natural intent.

Humans are the good guys. Do not waste another minute, tis the season - go give one or preferably more a great big hug before it is too late.

And lest I forget, Happy day before the day before Birthday, Jesus.

© 2010 Buzz Hill

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