Saturday, December 18, 2010

Origin Paradox

"I think we can now safely assume they are in. Am I alone in thinking that?", his voice was still a bit tentative but he felt relief that the thought was no longer private."

But 'who' was speaking, he wondered. Content without identities took a highly trained mind set and since he was part of the team from the beginning he felt competent in the field. When these anomalies arose, it created tension. The transition out of 'personal private' for the skilled person was not an easy decision. Assertions, while useful, cannot be formally provable?

The circumstantial list in abstract expression:

- Push back from other nation-state(s).
- Competition's use of highest-risk false accusatory tactics.
- Mendacity of widely held assumptions.
- Cloud tool's tracks shifting inexplicably far and fast.
- Informed pessimism as wishful thinking.

Inception as illusion - dependent origination. End of sphere. And so on.

"... but is distracted by the reunion.", fortuitous? They were led to believe that 'reality' is the medium for communication, nothing more ... and nothing less. The 'laws' of physics, the consistency of mathematics etc. just the shared vocabulary of Minds.

Bell's theorem. Time is not? And then, what of gravity? And the beginning?

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