Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Enemy Not Required?

"Conflict turned inside out, what would it look like? Unfamiliar? Weird? Cool? Exalting? I am genuinely curious."

"The word 'fighting' would not seem to fit even though it is commonly used for expressing one's devotion to an objective.

"An attractive aspect of this venue is the freedom of members to express their innermost feelings. It might not happen with conscious but secret advocacy agendas? Agendas of the wild soup … that is different beast altogether."

"But connected still."


Tag lines of this type were common among them. In this case they carried a very specific meaning. Devaluing an applicable category, a sure sign that the speaker is afraid of the other's freedom to think critically in the given situation. Acknowledging interconnectedness reveals attempts at covert manipulation.

"How else would you suggest we deal with the fact of temporal cognitive uncertainty then? Perhaps we should explicitly acknowledge that it is not, as yet, resolved?"

© 2010 Buzz Hill

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