Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sort of Dark Now

Its a time of year, really? You are saying that the hypocrisy revolves around the bright hydrogen ball in the daytime sky? I hate it when there is a scientific explanation. It feels a lot more important than that. 

I am not sure of course. After dragging myself in out of the miserable cold rain, tired of trying to have a conversation with trees shut down for the winter. So a dear friend, and who would have guessed, the grim reaper came a calling. After the obligatory terror spell and with nothing else to lose, I took a look under the hood.  The old goat was smiling for God's sake.

Wicked sense of humor. Lets humiliate him and see if we can keep him around forever.

Torn between the innocent and what she must become? A part of the world with an unlikely mix, or so it would seem. Measured through eyes that see externalized costs as desirable and freedom subordinating democracy through representation based on power of wealth.

An attractive base for a world order based on anonymous influence. Secrecy (not darkness, really) a necessary characteristic. The old fellow kept at bay for a bit of extra time. Amazing what a blank check can do for extending a lifetime.

"The trappings of privilege. At what price? Legendary, to be sure."

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