Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Picture's Worth

I watched her doing it. At first I thought it was because she was young and didn't know. But it was me. I was old and … inexperienced in the ways of the 'connected' world. Qualifying the world in that way would not have occurred to her. In her lifetime, it has never been anything less.

So when I struck up a conversation in the usual place with someone who … I want to put this kindly … aspires to go with the current disparity's beneficiaries, sparks of the subtle kind began to fly.

"What we see illuminates and what we hear puts it in experiential context?"

"That is the theme, yes."

You see I grew up with exploring. In the woods out back and on electromagnetic wavelengths that could travel the globe.

When the neurotransmitter magic finally kicked in - years of 'wasted childhood daydreaming' became the local wiring of epic discovery. And major fun, I might add. If you could only see me now, Mom. Perhaps you can.

"For instance, googlewashing, leaves tracks that are easy to detect. Further, a plethora of empirical tests exist to test veracity based on pattern collections. One would assume the upcoming googlewashing x.0 has as a design goal, higher-functioning synthetic agents. And too, whistle blowing support will advance as well."

"Still looks like advantage-compassion, to me."

"I agree."

© 2010 Buzz Hill

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