Thursday, December 9, 2010

Leaky Taxes

"Remember that some ten or eleven months of this protocol led to a profile without identifying actual persons. At the end of the period, had it not been for other benefits, we may well have concluded that it did not make sense to assume that the agenda had a personality or personalities driving it.

"And then just as we were about to abandon the concept we were fortunate to have discovered an even longer effort that actually did identify people that not only were driving a huge effort but had covered their tracks with the very technology that others, including ourselves, were using to detect hidden agendas."

The review of this piece of recent history especially resonant. What is it they are missing this time, he wondered.  Identities again or something else of comparable magnitude?

"Offshore, in or near Asia, I suspect. Perhaps, one of the tigers."

"We can test it. Should we wait?"

Waiting is seldom an option in a highly parallel system of this type. Specifying the end of the wait requires a predictive capability not yet supported.

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