Monday, December 20, 2010

A Reminder

"I want to get a clear message to him without all the baggage one expects from this phrenetic time of year.  Ironic that so much cause of suffering is embodied in a celebration of aspiring to end it."

The siege is winding down, as another is surely building.  Just enough control to accurately and sufficiently record the upcoming echo. A robust infrastructure in place but placement of 'sensors' requires knowledge acquired and studied a bit during the 'pulse'

The system monitor relatively quiet from the predictable input? Start-up occurred a little over a year ago. Paging back that year, the log reveals much more than expected. A word occurred, "mystic'.

If the three day latency rule applies here, he thought, what priming is required? He switched to the meta-pattern display just as she walked in. He could tell she was still processing their recent course correction and asked, "Thoughts?"

"I sat down at the keyboards yesterday."

"I heard. It felt like a soundtrack. Activity is different when the sun is hiding on the far side during the day. As a practical matter, chances are we have opened a send channel. If so, we will want to choose our words carefully."

"How much time do we have."

"I suspect, all we need ... all we need."

© 2010 Buzz Hill

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