Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Part of Mind

"One argues we should measure value according to his best life experience (in young adulthood, as I recall). Another argues that her profession's protocol is best in advancing the interest of the less fortunate segment of the US population. And yet another, his higher education qualifies him to choose which leaps-of-faith are valid.

"I am reticent though.  All are friends whose heart I trust. But whose ego I trust less. I have one too … an ego, that is. And, frankly, it has been known, at times, to leave me wanting. May I extrapolate?"

Much of who we are, I am told is from another time. Before now. It guides my thinking - sometimes forward, sometimes astray. Fascinating how those childhood feelings persist.

I made it. It worked. Thanks, Dad. Now that I am one - a dad that is - I see how a parent wants it to work just that way. Electronics was a great hobby.

Could I be wrong? Silly question. I am alive. It goes with the territory. Maybe it would be more appropriate to just assume there is a better trajectory than the one today that did not feel so good.

"The front door is locked. Is there a way around to the back door that won't disturb the loyal canine?"

© 2010 Buzz Hill

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