Monday, December 20, 2010

Old School

"That approach is old school and in many situations, still effective."

"It presumes circumstances that seem not to be a very good match here, though."


Moving out of the lab and into beta operation is seldom a single step process, even in most ideal of circumstances. This mission had a way of testing all the rules-of-thumb. Boiler plate is seldom reusable when it comes to practical creativity. Not rocket science. Not at all. Emergent value is just not as predictable as would be ideal for the application of canned consensus.

"Checking one's humanity at the office door catches up with ostensibly compassionate rhetoric. We will need to test intent now to prevent a less manageable asymmetry from growing. The dialog so far ... is it a good platform?"

"Yes, and we will get started on the research of applicable open and public tools."

The shortest day of the year barely noticed for the sheer joy of embracing change. It is a time to be thankful (as opposed to consumptive). Sunshine is a state of mind.

© 2010 Buzz Hill

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