Saturday, January 29, 2011


"As nearly as we can tell it is originating from the church on the lake. The remnants of their detection countermeasures and encryption speak volumes of the sophistication employed."

"Is it fair to say the recent candor is far more threatening to largely unknown advesaries than we had assumed?", by asking this she was questioning their recently adopted protocol.

"Though I would like to gather more data, pressed for an answer now, I would have to say, yes."

When the project began most of the team were of a mind that the primary obstacle to their inquiry was charting unknown territory. While 'blind' discovery proved to be formidable, they did not anticipate push back. Yes, from folks who had done preliminary work with a narrower and more selfish goal in mind ...

"Understanding the motives behind the deceptive and/or secret tactics they use is a major step in understanding how to strategically and therefore efficiently and effectively counter their destructive influence."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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