Monday, January 24, 2011

Feynman Like

"Autodidactic? Well yes, I guess you could call it that. Education seems … counterintuitive … to teach someone to learn by prescribing a sequence of discovery when, in fact, human learning at its best is a self-directed acquisition and assimilation. A child knows, according to Maria Montessori."

"Driving the sequence by intuition, to the degree random access to relevant material exists, is a natural ingredient. Think about it, much of the miracle of biologic diversity is based on self-direction. From an evolutionary point of view, selecting self-reliance in assessing context and the potential for growth.", she spoke to an innate strength of her gender.

What if that is not right?
They were not first in trying to make it work in a machine. Not by a long shot. Not even when massive online data became available. If there was an area where they were 'pioneering' it was with respect to machine assisted collaboration to develop its tools.

"If its secret, it must be important. If you 'hack' into something, by definition, someone considers it important enough to keep from prying eyes. If one robs from banks because that is where the money is … Well, you get my drift."

Our Time
But she didn't. Get his drift, that is. At this point, his attention was irrevocably drawn to this subtle observation. It would have potentially pivotal impact in the structure of the new entity. As it was important to many languages it was important here - gender.

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