Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pulp and Ink

Dumb-down Offensive
"Some four decades ago, when confronted with 'helter-skelter' by design we came to grips with mass psychology of unprecedented urgency.

Some debate exists even now as to the pre-cursors and initiator that comprised the causal event.  The recorded echoes, on the other hand, have generated readily recognized patterns.

"Institutionalized societal blind spots is one of those patterns. Whether nefarious parties co-opted or created the pattern is of little consequence with respect to the role of amplification. Each time this dark cycle recurs in our historical narrative there is some element of demonic support (if I may call it that).

"And ... forget not the 'cycle', dear reader. The track, for the purpose of our discussion, has no beginning nor end."

Sustained dialog is a measure of friendliness. Action and quick response is engaging once the awkwardness of the last physical growth spurt subsides.  But even at this time of self-discovery, dialog modulates life's interactions. How they do may well inform the game's design -- for the young will likely drive its rapid adoption.

NOTE: Some of the foregoing in this BuzzTheHill post is not fictional. Consider it a public disclosure and as such, to the degree something novel and not obvious to those skilled in the art has been addressed in it, the specific intent was/is to put it in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

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