Thursday, January 27, 2011

What nefarious power lurks?

"The system already knows, the issue has been the perceived potential backlash if there was general awareness that such capability not only exists but is virtually deployed."

Soup goes in your mouth not on the floor.  
"Are we witnessing the exaggeration so often caused by fearful imagination? I mean it in this sense. A pattern that we have studied is the automatic response to the 'informed' unknown. The gateway is an ill-advised association with bad experience encoded by repetition in that most dangerous of places within 'the engine'.

"Yes, even without a conscious driver, the pattern has been observed as very disruptive to normal actualization. In the presence of a concerted effort, it is ... a weapon. It disables ordinary judgment and puts great power in the hands of a few."

Success is directly correlated with wide distribution of power as soon as the circumstances permit. Becoming more apparent since visualization's promise first appeared on the horizon.

"So, is it time to revisit the gravity meme?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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