Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gravity Is Optional

Why do some of our biggest problems seem so intractable? One explanation is that we could not have our current benefits without some horrific but tolerable consequences (check today's headlines).

There is at least one other explanation. It is that we are looking for the solution that surely exists in a place it is very unlikely to be.

Motive of the entity(s) in control: to keep the control. Why secretly? Common people are not smart enough to understand. Maintain secrecy how then? Obfuscation. Bribe those 'smart' enough to argue. Use state-of-the-art propaganda techniques to drive the political narrative for the rest who may object.

What if the all-pervasive distortion in the space-time continuum is just a figment of our collective imagination and that it is possible to disregard it in the interest of making things better? What if the said distortion in this context is just not relevant and that it is possible to disregard it in the interest of more desirable outcomes?

Can we have a different dream? Is that which keeps our feet on the ground necessarily a constraint in how we proceed? For that matter, did someone co-opt a law of physics for some selfish short-sighted interest?

But the learned, will they come? To often, their habit is not to listen to those without sufficient credentials ... or power (e.g. money). My guess they will come to the light though I would not be surprised that they will be kicking and screaming in the process.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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