Saturday, January 8, 2011

Real or Imaginary

"… I read it all someplace else."

This display snippet nailed it for two of them almost immediately. 

The erudite skeptic rationalized that what he had been hearing had all been worked out before. He read the books. Could even recite authors and/or titles off the top of his head. "There is nothing really new, we just need to find sources."  In effect, discover what is already known.

Lake Imaginary
Meanwhile, the other had picked up the apparent intelligent crowd reaction. She had a system for picking relevant data out-of-the-noise using the latest information artifacts. Her paradigm was more like, from a fountain of diversity - a new bird flies.

What differentiated the two in the current context? Does it come down to a single word?  Is it belief … or perhaps faith ... maybe organic?

As we discussed before, 'reality' perception is non-linear in the traditional dimensions. Gravity affecting two, vertical and time in the familiar way. Depth in a near field resolvable for appropriate interaction but dropping off quickly at a distance.

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