Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here today ...

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
At water's edge, the wisdom of impermanence.

And he countered, "The impermanence of wisdom".

Thinking out loud she added, "The colors just draw me in".

Holding on too long - this, a common pattern but not well understood in the following sense.  What is it that compels so many to preserve certain things beyond there useful life? Buddhists would argue it is attachment. To this western mind, counter-intuitive but logical.

Its cloud manifestations are prolific. But on 'cloud time' are vetted far more quickly than we have heretofore been accustomed.

"The highest probability is we will have have our wide scope echo in approximately three days and 14 hours. Notification has been set as 'Global Change Rationale'", he rocked back in his chair, hands clasped behind his head while the others left for their workstations.

At the coffee shop later, the mathematics enthusiast summed it up well saying in effect, "chaos is an illusion."

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