Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Place Your Bets

"Roughly a year ago, I mentioned here an idea that has blossomed into a rough outline of an online start-up. Asked if I had put it into plan form, I answered that enough of the idea had been fleshed out to start doing so.

"The private archiving contains a number of non-text documents that depict critical project topology. A sketch render format is needed to more accurately convey the preliminary nature of the schematics, charts etc.

Identity Mapping
"We have been particularly careful to own the brain-storming aspect of the effort while gaining as much as possible from seeing it as if it had already had stood the test of time. The combination can be misleading to those who are just joining the team."

Highly flexible visual mapping is not something well understood. It seems to help a lot, though. The scope of its application is difficult to articulate.

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