Friday, January 28, 2011

Crowd Sourced Design

"The potential energy is wildly abundant. Directing it is the opportunity. There is a substantial precedent on which we could model a prototype. Each spin is clockwise or counterclockwise. By aligning them, we can create considerable force. Mapping the precedent to our target is our current objective."

Just polarity. Nothing more and nothing less.
A revealing interim result, their universal perception. The temptation to create new glue had to be balanced with the recognition that the functionality may already exist in large part - they had not looked yet. Did the game space already have what they needed? At least, in part?

"When I was a kid, one of the more popular TV programs was a quiz show, What's My Line. Like the more modern, Jeopardy it engaged the viewer at a relatively high level. A half century ago, it was all broadcast but this show promoted interaction between viewers watching the same screen - yes families watched together back then."

"Binary choice (one/not - true/false) feels correct. Short questions that invite binary answers ..."

Relating the simple model to the intuitive world (Feynman style), a very important part of the project. The bongo player's broad smile, hand gestures and infectious aural presentation, a worthy target. Great graphics and narration that engage the inner child ... same idea.

"If you have hung on this long, you will start to understand that the strength of this meme is that it is almost entirely emergent. A moving target that is virtually unpredictable. Remember gravity and therefore momentum are optional here. Get used to it.", what he had to say, only menacing to those who just discovered their lack worthiness to decide for others.

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