Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snake Oil and Corn Flakes

There are some good people out there. A bit harder to find them though. Partly because the overgrown media sector is a compulsive funding-consumer. Manufacturing the objects of reactive attention at the behest of nervous sponsors. And in the process, sponsors and their message machines have marginalized the concept of 'well-informed population'.

Eliott Ness
Rather than wars, resolution of disparity and injustice seems to be happening on a world-wide scale but out of site of the mass audience here in the US. Not that the people wouldn't be interested. Curiosity requires a nurtured seed.

'Markets' has become a slogan and the checks and balances that come from widely vetted supply and demand have succumbed to volitional distortion in the perception of value. Hazard of the one-to-many information distribution paradigm.

I have not lived in "The Bubble".  Only observed it as a fascinated student. Now that the center of perception is moving back toward the Windy City again, I am hopeful. The -spirit- of the first amendment for the benefit of -all- could be re-born there?

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