Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Image of Source

To be human is to create? Recent fMRI suggests it is so.  At least if you interpret the image to mean that what engages both hemispheres implies nothing in the model of one's lifetime should go to waste (gray and between the ears). And throughout, believe it.

'It is the reason we ramp up the correlation with the shared world. Your confidence in the security of friends is a large part of its remarkable potential compared to traditional forms of power."

"But even if it were not so, to have such reverence for what has led us here is a worthy pass time. I am pretty sure."

"Useful perceptions, again, I suspect."

Very cold and clear gave way to a bit warmer and wet. Bears hibernate this time of year. I think squirrels do too. But the mind, it can dance. Gravity is optional on the inside.  Outside not so much. But our house moves with us. We can only theorize about an outside we can just imagine. So looking forward to the season we can leave a window or door open again. I like hearing the birds sing.

Cognitive Depth Perception ...

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