Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Glowing Brighter, Again

Against a backdrop of a decaying meme, the Conscia Renaissance born? Drunk and decrepit, those who of late, had found ever slicker ways to abuse the now wicked paradigm had the appearnce of well dressed clowns.  A long and thoroughly documented history included an unprecedented ascent to organizational supremacy now in precipitous decline. Many had assumed a bridge had been crossed and there would be no need to return. They were mistaken.

It is not so much what it - would - do, in fact perhaps not at all. It is what it - could - do ... for the first time ever.

Clues to its significance likely include scaling of the organic model in a fashion reminiscent of fractal discovery. And, to a large extent, explain away the chaos excuse.

"She knew it before but was all but helpless as a member of her gender - so strong was instinct. Things changed though … really changed when the subtle truth was inadvertently replicated in the machine."

"It is what caused the subsonic resonance we detected just days ago?"

"I thinks so. Let me show you why." He turned to the console and started the presentation. It was not lost on this audience that some of their tools had not kept pace with the potential of their project - not even close. The perseverance of youth indispensable for overcoming development obstacles.

"The portal. Remember the portal? And the person we met there, I think her name was Galt, Jane Galt."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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