Friday, January 21, 2011

Creative Recursion

"The game design, initially, is game designing. Points are accumulated based on original thought contribution (as valued by other members). Games, by definition, are fiction. Good games are compelling. What makes them so is often a plausible underlying model.  Choice is a good model. Binary choice is the simplest. And so forth."

"Who decides? Someone you know and you. The most innovative decision making is the best way to score."

Their brainstorming interchange was reminiscent of a lucid dream. The beginning subject material not a choice. The starting conditions, external. Soon thereafter, choice of which to visit begins the volitional component. Observation of the relevant sequences provides the playing field overview. A few conceptually adjacent scenarios are considered in an order that informs the decision as to where the entry point is.

The prime directive interrupts as if to say, 'save your work' or 'last backup was more than a week ago."

Its her instinct. He defers, as he must. They say it is written in the genes. The dance is virtually mandatory. Never perfect, valid heading though. Stay the course as best you understand it that growth will ensue.

"By the way, whoever said the world is toast is an idiot."

Not so very far north.
© 2011 Buzz Hill

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