Thursday, January 6, 2011

See, Much Better

Trusted outpost, closer to the competition and, importantly outside the legendary distortion field. How long before it is fully operational? One measure is if the leadership of each contestant has a clear line of site to the other. 

Wamsley Key

After a couple of years, it is clear that seeing the audience with the bright stage lights in your eyes is a bit of a challenge. Perhaps it is the reason that guerillas come to town and can't govern.  The light is on them rather than there objective (as before) and they are not prepared. 

Might be on to something.
If you turn the lights off, nobody can see the stage. Kind of defeats the purpose. But the audience is the reason for the performance. Adjustment required.

Just getting out of town, so-to-speak, solves the mutual visibility problem. A good start. Well, with roughly five hundred pages to review, it will be awhile before it surpasses the 'half-baked' test.

Chicago - Wichita, a long day's drive.

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