Sunday, January 23, 2011

THE factor

"… fictional view of history."

"Aren't all views of history fictional, at least in part?"

"Yes, which brings us back to where we began, a personal view as expressed to the machine is particularly unique and therefor a good proxy for personhood. A personal narrative that changes over time whose latest entry is close to real time, even more so. Fiction is something different than a general consensus."

fMRI the reaction to one's name?
"A story I author that speaks to my aspirations, misgivings, opinions, predictions and the like over the duration of my membership?"

"Thats about it."

"And even though I know that there is a public and a private version, I can be confident that control of what is appropriately private and public is under my control?"

"As it is for each of your fellow members."

The bylaws assure that the membership has at least a 51% ownership through the A shares - one person/one share. B shares have the remainder. B shareholders must be members in good standing. The shares are used for finance and compensating risk takers. B shareholders must be individuals.

Value generation is preferred to externalized return while returning a financial reward to those willing to risk capital in the belief that the value goal is likely to succeed. The value add to anyone is only indirectly financial. Given precedent, the financial performance should be exemplary precisely because it is an effect rather than its cause.

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