Sunday, January 30, 2011


Rock and Roll?

"What can I do to help, then", her question was fair and he knew - perhaps fully for this first time - she was sincere. She may have been that way for the majority of their two decades together. He just did not know. Watching the movie together ... "The Portal" symbol appears as real in the soup as the rising sun does at daybreak.

"Learn what has happened, what has gone wrong as well as what has gone right." It was only recently that he had become aware of the information he now wanted her to understand.

Just a few years before she immigrated, he was still ricocheting off the consequences of his … unusual ... imagination. Physical health played a part, yes. But he did not know then the extent to which grey matter issues affected him physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially … the list - quite large.

Close to the music of that time and the primary medium to promote it, he remembered things in terms of iconic songs and artists. The Beatles' Rich Man and When I am 64 resonated for him in this context.

Win the Future
Remarkable coincidence or not so much (something about degrees of separation). Johnny Carson, advertising, communications, high school friend at the top of a game he revered. Second movie of a cult classic television series. Cover story of science magazines, National prime-time TV exposure.

To watch it unfold on the net and in film triggered his decades long and mystic familiarity (not so uncommon - it turns out). "Now, the people who count are listening."

Though he was determined to give it his best, practically speaking, a deadline loomed. A game saving 'Aha' moment that he could accept 'the deadline' applies to many, many others.

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