Monday, January 31, 2011

Longview Memorandum

Kalama IT?
"It is why I believe Longview should now be our strategic target. As you will soon realize, it is important that each reader of this message keep the contents of it secret until midnight PST on the second day of the second month of this year. The date was chosen to synchronize detection mechanisms and to establish a baseline for the next tier, if any, of these tests.

"It is fair to say that given the source of this message, and its content, significant biases may be embedded in it. I ask for you to consider what it reveals about the conversation protocol utilized rather than any other discussion topic it suggests."

For the last day of January, DC (actually Virginia) and Fairfield have checked in (also verified by email). Granularity of Seattle is not provided by the analytics tool but appropriate parties may have checked in from there as well. An email indicates one party has done so.

Another reason for the choice of SW Washington for this study is a curious anomaly. Its explanation is as simple as the email exchange has somehow not reached there in a way that would trigger the analytics blip. At the other end of the spectrum, technologies capable of masking activity may be deployed.

Connotation and Precedent
And from altitude, it may look something like this: Secrecy is, by design secret. Speculation about it is often wrong. Informed speculation is an attempt to get at the facts. Transactions are a tool for becoming informed. A sequence of dependent transactions (a conversation) greatly improves veracity. Linked conversations - even more so. Abstract conversations?

"You may be right. If the most common descriptive terms have been co-opted for other purposes, Plan B does make more sense.'

With approximately 14 hours remaining another explanation for experimental failure: Non-action by one or more parties in an attempt to buy time. It is predicated on the concept that the deep discovery intentions of the experimenter are covertly known. A parallel experiment just launched may shed light on the possibility.

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