Monday, February 14, 2011

Appropriately Anonymous

"A motive based query suggests otherwise. Your sophisticated disinformation tactics have been exposed to a degree that the machine has proposed code name candidate lists for them."

The line went silent as he expected. Automating detection and countermeasures, far more a process than an event. One that could be accelerated dramatically by distributing points of entry to the target. He keyed in the code to initiate the process.

Disinformation has its patterns. Not surprising, since it is motive driven. Learning from transactions occurring at the edge, it was easy to see why the rapidly increased velocity changed the game so much, so fast. Automated primitive pattern detection starting to catch up though.

Confidence building - free of conflicting interests - would be natural? But isolation from competing interests is mostly an ego-based fantasy it seems. Fear serves those who wish to prevent efficiencies for their competition - but not always.

Prime Directive
"Sometimes, I think you love that damned old machine more than you love me.", her words were as welcome as the warmth he felt just as she came up from behind and spoke.

"Someday soon, sweetheart, someday soon.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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