Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Initiate Epiphany Sequence

"Don't you understand, we have hit the motherload!", her near hysterical statement engendered a sympathetic whimper of … Well, to him there was still a vague sense of a dream, a very nice dream. But the urgency in her voice conveyed much more than he could process under the circumstances.

He did not suspect that anyone just wants to live a life without being somehow important to life in general. That old cliche', save the world may overstate it in the grand scope. On the other hand, why does it feel so right when this spot, this distortion in space-time, recognizes one's existence in such dramatic fashion?

Another Enlightenment
Purpose somehow has a way of clarifying so much. Catharsis yes, redemption yes. Seeing her naked and genuinely excited about THEIR mission as if the syncopated dance that 'made the world go 'round was not just special to them but to … everyone within conceptual reach.

"Its all here, we found it. All that dreaming together has brought us to this magic place.", she continued. The look in her eyes was the magic. They had been to the beach before. The imaginary games had been going on for some time.

He had to admit, this time it was different. This sand castle was more the 600 pages long, yet its meaning beyond something to do together was obscure (like playing chess). Not one to miss another opportunity to, as the surfers say, catch a wave he was ready for a change of key.

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