Sunday, February 6, 2011

Walled Gardens

Prime Time Ready
"Our proprietary indexing network has been offline since inception. The intent is to start testing authenticated navigation by gradually introducing what has been behind the walled garden sandbox."

At this point, it still was not clear how 'appropriately public' impacted insufficiently tested software driven interfaces. Much more was known about mostly hardware human interfaces - they had been around many decades.

"How would we search for biologic cognition precedence in this case? I would feel better about the leap if we knew."

"Point taken. I would argue that the two efforts should proceed in parallel. Deadlines work."

A quick scan of the faces in room settled it.


Not much time had passed before a recurrent theme emerged once again.

Got to start somewhere.
"Tapping our data connection would tell the competition what is just about to happen. Are our detection systems current?"

"I believe so but I will also repeat our latest suite of tests as soon as we are done here."

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