Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Space, The Final Frontier

Because of the ambiguity of the deadline specification (is midnight the last of the day concluded or the beginning of the next?), phase II of the test has already begun and will finish at midnight -tonight-.

"Google Analytics has been installed on BuzzTheHill. It is one of many free tools available to nearly everybody for monitoring traffic on the internet to a web site.

"My original intent was for the test period to terminate at a minute after 11:59 PST tonight. Some participants have assumed that it was set at the midnight just passed."

Tigers and rabbits notwithstanding, it is interesting to note that abstraction methods have created anomalies since ancient times. In this context, the consequences of the abstraction - loss of specificity not only introduces errors. It also introduces vulnerability to exploitation. Discussion of China as a civilization-state is beyond the scope of this test but is particularly apropos the memetics considered (thank you, Doug)

As we shall soon see, an abstraction method is mandatory. The raw data simply overwhelms our perceptive ability. There are those who use this aspect of human consciousness to secretly control collective perception. Such is germane to the test currently underway.

Further disclosures will follow Phase II completion.

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