Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rocket Science

Punkin in Space
"Wow, you mean they were winning?", the look in her young eyes not unlike when he or mom would read her bedtime stories just a short while ago.

"Yes, it was very humiliating.  If there ever was a demonstration of what is wrong with believing your own hype, this was it."

Market perception is sometimes trumped by reality. With all the post war advancements that were a natural result of winning history's biggest war came a hubris and denial of major magnitude. The perception that our 'free' society could develop technology faster than a communist one was inflated by the tendency to use propaganda techniques to create a population controlling fantasy. Application of Einsten's special theory by someone else was a major wake up call. Wishful thinking's price may be too high.

You see, Prudence, it really was rocket science.


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