Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Game Change

"Covert operations are at a distinct disadvantage because the available data set is so much smaller. Secrecy's cost-effectiveness is in rapid decline. An update to strategic architecture is required to handle the new 'reality'". This machine generated snippet marked the approximate time that the issue of integrity threshold came to the fore.

"Why a threshold? Why not just go for the best possible?"

"Apparently the thinking went something like, we cannot be sure beyond a reasonable certainty that the risk of abuse would not outweigh the benefit."

She was getting nervous and could not articulate why. Intuition? Or perhaps cognitive infiltration … they had been spending a lot of time lately on unnamed patterns that overlapped. The data set so vast now that emergence took on a whole new meaning. She asked the group, "Is anyone else feeling that we have missed something important?"

"Yes ... when is it that accuracy in this context a disadvantage?", the tone of his voice reflected long experience in the field of identification accuracy and its meaning to communications security. Naive still in what implications it had to entrenched interests, though. Disclosure and privacy ... forever a moving target?

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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