Sunday, February 13, 2011


"The conduit looks like the Richmond firm. A good candidate to add to the leak list. Covert mechanisms left in place by the previous chief exec."

This snippet from the dialog meant little outside of the context they discovered just days ago. He found himself looking over his shoulder quite a bit lately.  When they started there wasn't much thought given to infiltration. The goal was to discover new overlooked opportunities to aggregate concepts. They just had not given much thought to the idea of willful concealment.

Ok Toto, this is really weird.
The practical matter is that it is far more difficult (though not impossible) to manage high IT with coercive intent. The recent revelations regarding Arkansas confirmed that again. The best at sophisticated cat and mouse are independent by nature. Excellent leaker material.

"I'm guessing an ambush, Marshall Dillon." The folks present would not understand his statement or his grin - demographics, Prudence, demographics. The uninvited readers of the log probably would not get it, at least initially. But by the time it made back to the sponsors ...

"If it were any more explicit than that it would wake up the kids and chaos would ensue. Do we really want that?"

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