Thursday, February 10, 2011

my town rocks

"My town, is known far and wide as a creative Mecca. It is a blue city in a purple state. There is a 'can do' attitude here that says the deep pockets behind so-called 'conventional wisdom' doesn't have to keep us from doing what is best. People who take ownership of what they promote is revered highly here. And conversation too. Messaging, not so much.

"Yet the hidden manipulators are keep trying to sustain what has been a very lucrative arrangement for them - controlling as much of the distribution of information as is necessary to maintain profitable exploitation. We have compassion for those rascals too and hope to help them cross the bridge to the brighter side soon.

The Real Deal
"It is a wired/wireless city that harvests social networking (the electronic kind too.) Coffee shops and laptops, public transit and iPhones. We believe in humanity and prove it by hanging out together and using the best technology humans have to offer for the best application ever - each other."

Is it his golden voice or what he has to sing? Or the way he expresses how he feels? Embracing love a lifelong journey? I hope so.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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